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Join us to celebrate our Fungi Feastival

with fun activities from Batemans Bay to Eden from

21 June to 21 July 2024.

Learn about the fascinating and unique world of fungi, mushrooms and truffles.


Participate in science seminars and workshops on the role of Fungi in nature and its benefits in our environment

Photo: Stephen Axford

Home grown.jpg


Learn how to grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home.

See a demonstration of how to grow oyster and shiitake mushrooms and tour a mushroom fruiting room. Build an outdoor mushroom garden.

Photo: Andrew Larkin



Experience a truffle hunt.

Photo: Sapphire Graphics


Expand your culinary knowledge of fungi.

Take a cooking class or try delicious new mushroom and truffle dishes at restaurants and cafes.

Photo: Mr Bold Narooma


Get creative in art workshops photographing fungi or making your own mushroom pottery.

Sit back, relax and learn watching educational fungi documentaries and movies.

Photo: Stephen Axford

If you’re interested in the science and art of Fungi, cooking and eating mushrooms and truffles, the Fungi Feastival 2024 activities will delight you.

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